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THC Tinctures & Capsules

Cannabis tinctures are a type of cannabis concentrate that allows you to benefit from cannabis’ effects without the need to inhale any smoke or vapour.

THC tinctures is a simple and discreet method to consume cannabis. They come in a little vial with a dropper that allows you to add THC to any beverage, cuisine or desert of your choice. Capsules are tincture oils that are dosed in pills.

Edibles and vaping are two other popular choices for discreet dosing on-the-go.

Most Popular THC Tinctures & Capsules:

Full Spectrum CBD Tincture [Vitalita]

1:1 THC & CBD Tincture [MOTA]

CBD Mushroom Tincture [Vitalita]

Benefits of Tinctures (THC):

Tinctures are ideal for THC consumption as they are simple and easy to control. They are also perfect for exploring different dosages as you have full control over the THC content.

Tinctures can take effect within 15 to 30 minutes if taken under the tongue. This makes it significantly faster than other forms of edibles. However, if you ingest it directly, it will take as long as other edibles—up to an hour.

Tinctures are a great choice if you want to secretly ingest cannabis. Compared to some forms of cannabis, tinctures don’t have a residual smell. They can be applied with a few drops beneath your tongue or to your meal.

Cannabis tinctures’ alcohol base maintains the plant ingredients and ensures its longevity. It can be kept for many years if it is kept in the right conditions. They’re an affordable choice if you want to spend less on marijuana without sacrificing the advantages of it.

How to Use Tinctures (THC):

Tinctures need to be consumed in tiny dosages due to its high THC content. They frequently have an integrated dropper that enables you to control your doses.

Sublingual administration of a tincture is the most common way to use it. Simply place a few drops of the medication under your tongue. You can also mix them into your cuisine or add a few drops to your beverage.