Kootenay Labs – Sacred Salts

Kootenay Labs – Sacred Salts



1:1 Salts – 25mg/25mg per tablespoon, 100mg per bag

CBD Salts – 50mg per tablespoon, 300mg per bag

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1:1 Sacred Salts
Pour yourself some relaxation with this intricate blend of salts, petals, THC and CBD. Infused with scents of mint and undertones of earthy forest strolls, this blend is especially helpful for inflammation and stiff joints after a long day’s work.

Available in 600g and 200g bags.

CBD Sacred Salts
Awaken your senses with a citrus sprinkle followed by fruity undertones and earthy aromas entangled in roses. Feel your pain and tension dissipate as you soak in our moisturizing CBD Sacred Salts infused with rejuvenating almond oil and flower petals.

Available in 600g and 200g bags.

Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt, Epsom Salt, Dendritic Salt, Almond Oil, Honey THC Oil, CBD Distillate, Dried Rose and Pea Flowers, French Clay, Essential Oils of Lavendar, Wild Orange, Cedarwood, Blue Cypress and Rose.

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1:1 (200g), 1:1 (600g), CBD (200g), CBD (600g)


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