Strawberry Cream (Oso Fuego)

Strawberry Cream (Oso Fuego)





THC: 23%

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Introducing Organic Strawberry Cream! This is the perfect Sativa strain for anyone looking for an energizing, uplifting experience that’ll have you feeling totally euphoric. With genetics from the renowned Strawberry Cough and The White strains, it’s no surprise that this bud has a delicious flavor of tart berries, sweet spices and fresh strawberries, and we’ve made sure to go organic with this one.

Organic Strawberry Cream also provides some notable medical-grade relief. If you’re suffering from migraines, nausea or stress, this strain can help bring fast relief. And because it’s a Sativa, you’ll still be able to enjoy its energizing effects while getting exceptional relaxing benefits at the same time.

So don’t miss out — get your hands on Organic Strawberry Cream today! Whether you’re looking for fun and excitement or soothing relief from chronic conditions, this delightful strain will have you coming back for more. Try it now and get ready for total organic bliss!

Flavours/Aromas: Berry, Fruity, Spicy, Strawberry
Effects: Cerebral, Energizing, Euphoria, Hungry
Medical Uses: Migraines, Nausea, Stress

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4g, 12g, 14g

5 reviews for Strawberry Cream (Oso Fuego)

  1. malloryhoyland (verified owner)

    Love this one. It’s definitely worth trying.

  2. SolarFlare (verified owner)

    The flower is fine, but I’ve had more potent options. The taste is okay, but not amazing.

  3. FirePhoenix (verified owner)

    Great quality flower. The effects are strong, and it has a nice, smooth flavour.

  4. Jackson Turner (verified owner)

    Perfect for daytime use. Kept me uplifted and productive without any crash.

  5. TechAiko (verified owner)

    Great strain for creativity and focus. Slightly harsh on the throat, but overall a solid choice.

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