Shatter [Seven Star]

Shatter [Seven Star]




1 gram

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Seven Star Shatter

1 gram of premium shatter for $30


Seven Star is determined to bring change to the medical marijuana industry. We are here to represent a new standard, in both quality and availability, and to ensure that the opportunity to live a healthy, pain and stress free life becomes an option to everyone.

TakiTaki takes pride in quality control!

We have relationships with the best growers across BC – from the Gulf Islands to the Kootenays – and we carefully curate our menu to offer the best flowers on the market at an affordable price.

Our repeat customers (and your friends) are the lifeblood of our business, and we want to show our appreciation: The points you earn with every purchase or product review will save you money on your next order, and our members-only newsletter features special discounts every week.

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